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This unit went over a lot of the more vocal side of language and the sound of the English language. There are three main components that consist of the English language sound which is intonation, stress, and articulation. Many teachers don't seem to stress this area of language learning enough because they themselves don't understand it, but it is actually very important. This unit gave some good class activities and examples of how to teach students by using this method of providing the English language to the students.I found the \"Engage, Study, Activate\" methods of teaching/learning very useful, especially the ideas/teaching resources. These are very relevant and have reminded me of resources I used many years back while teaching in a school with a high ESL population. I have sent a note to my tutor asking if we get a copy of all these resources at the end of the course or do we print them from the study units but have not heard back yet. I really would love to be give a wide range of these activities for my teaching resource file.