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The various parts of speech and their functions were covered in this unit. While I knew many terms, such as transitive/intransitive verbs, from my own foreign language study, there were many that I haven't studied since I was young, like the names for different types of pronouns and types of nouns like abstract nouns and collective nouns. The majority of these parts of speech come naturally to native speakers and it can be hard to explain the differences between some, so it is important to fully understand their functions in order to teach them to a non-native speaker.This unit was about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I feel comfortable with my knowledge of the passive and active voice. However phrasal and modals are somewhat tricky. I learned that the phrasal verbs are those that are made up of multiple words,for example \"get on\", which can refer to how well two people interact. That makes it a phrasal verb. Where I found it difficult, was when the types were described in the course material as it could have been more clearly explained. I can definitely see how this can be daunting to a newcomer to the English language.