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This unit compared the effectiveness of a lesson based on the attitude that a teacher comes to class with. In the first video, the teacher seems disengaged, and as a result the students are reluctant to provide answers to his questions. He does not take the time to make the students feel comfortable, and there is a clear disconnect between what he wants and what the students are perceiving him to want. In the second video, the teacher has a positive and caring attitude towards his class. This allows the students to feel more relaxed, and there is lots of participation.Teaching aids come in various forms. It is a good idea for a teacher to research the various aids that are out there. Sometimes, for some students, a particular type of aid that the teacher has never had experience with may prove to be extremely beneficial. Without the desire to research and to try new ideas, one cannot improve in teaching. Teachers should be certain to consider building rapport and the net improvement of language acquisition as more important, with regard to teaching aids, than simply being \"cool\" and/or simply saving the teacher time and/or stress.