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This unit is confusing due to the grammar and the grammatical terms. I have never used the word \"transitive\" in the classroom. I feel as though I should know English grammar better, yet, at the same time, when it comes to teaching the English language to Korean elementary students, my focus is on building communicative sentences, and using such language would not be productive with respect to motivation and confidence. Perhaps my Korean co-teachers delve into such grammatical terms in their 6th grade and middle school classes.In this unit we took a look at the productive skills such as writing and speaking. Communication between people is a very complex and ever changing thing. Writing, therefore, is often relegated to homework, which in turn is frequently not done so the skill won't be developed. In many ways writing is the most important skill, but it doesn't mean that speaking should be ignored. When speaking, requires a greater degree of fluency as the speaker will rarely have time and think about the answer. Reading and writing equally important.