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The first part of Unit 2 is all about the different methods of teaching. Among all the methods PPP is still the most common practice nowadays in classrooms and learning centres. Knowing the different kinds of methods will help me to be more creative in helping students learn as I don't really have to stick with just approach. The second part is on ESA lessons. In this lesson I learned the different types of activity I can use to make the students engage and practice what they already know and learn such as role plays, games, word linking, etc...This unit was useful in looking at the different teaching scenarios that one may be called upon to teach. The tips, skill set and understanding of the do's/don'ts and advantages/disadvantages, will be very handy when encountering the different classes. Once again the teaching activities suggested will be very useful. As I am interested in teaching Young Learners, the information covering this group of learners was of great interest and will be beneficial in creating course work and lesson plans when considering my future classes and students.