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In this unit I learned about the various levels of learners. For instance, a beginning English learner could mean several different things. It could mean someone who has had some exposure to the language, but is not a speaker. Or it could mean someone who had been taught at a previous time, but has not used it or has forgotten the language. Or it could mean some one with no previous exposure. This unit emphasized the importance of knowing your students and finding out their individual needs.In this learning unit i have studies the 5 main types of conditionals: *Zero conditional. *First conditional. *Second conditional. *Third conditional. *Mixed conditional. As well as the rules of using these conditionals. I have also studied reported speech and direct speech, and the rules of changing direct speech to reported speech.I have noticed how the verbs changes when reporting something to someone.E.g:\"I like it\" changes to He said that he likes it.Notice how the Verb(like) changes.