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In today's unit, we discussed lesson planning. We began with the importance of planning lessons and the advantages of spontaneity/being flexible with the lesson's structure. We also discussed the importance of being organized, how should our lesson plan be written down and what should be included. We then analyzed a sample lesson plan along with a blank lesson sheet for our personal use in the future. Finally, we covered how to plan a sequence of lessons and were then given sample materials.This is the last unit of the TEFL course, and I am thankful that it covered information to help with future problems I may face in my classroom. I have no idea where I'll be teaching or who I'll be teaching, and I feel reassured after this lesson that I have the tools and skills to handle any classroom that I find myself in. The Peace Corps provides teacher-training during the pre-service training months, but I am more confident knowing that I have some skills and tools prior to departure.