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The section on Business English was a bit of an eye opener for me. I have only considered teaching young learners, so it was reassuring to receive the type of information presented in this unit, and to be told that I don?t need detailed knowledge of business to teach English. Also, I absolutely agree that teaching children is a rewarding experience. After my time here in Japan, I would like to return to America to teach young learners of English. As it turns out, my native language is Spanish and for my first three years of schooling in America, I was an ESL student.Unit 9 focuses on lesson planning. Lesson plans are more of a guide than a strict set of steps that have to be followed. Some flexibility is necessary. All lesson plans have 3 important functions: 1) an aid to planning, 2)a working document, and 3) a record of what happened. In addition how a lesson plan should be written is discussed. It is important to be flexiblessed in a lesson plan, don't make it a script. Be certain to mix skills and levels. Watch your time. As part of the lesson make sure you are organized, stocked with what you need and that everything works.