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As we all know that good management in the classroom is vital to create a successful learning environment for students. As a role model to students, teachers should always bear in mind how to handle their relationships with students carefully in order to establish good rapports with them. The way how teachers present themselves to students has a great impact on the students' views towards them, hence a good teacher should be capable to show decency in their teaching as well as presenting themselves as a knowledgeable, professional, sensible and caring educator.This unit focuses on teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. First I have taken some general information e.g. why and how do we read and listen, as well as some examples have been given. Then I have learnt about potential problems that students might have with reading or listening and how to handle or avoid them. At the end of the unit the typical receptive skills lesson have been described - reading biography about Elvis Presley. This example of Patchwork ESA lesson is very useful for me because it can help me to plan my own reading lessons.