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Many different teaching aids can be used during the lesson to make them more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. The resources that can be often found in classrooms and study centers: white/black board, interactive whiteboard (IWB), overhead projector (OHP), visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette recorder, CD player, videos and DVDs, video camera, dictionaries, course books, photocopier, computers, online resources. All of them can help the teacher to have very productive and successful class.In this unit it explains what Past Tense is and the four elements of it: 1. past simple; 2. past continuous; 3. past perfect; 4. past perfect continuous. Teaching these four elements of past tense enables the student to develop an understanding of when and how to use these elements correctly. It can become a confusing part of language to grasp therefore the teacher needs to have a sound understanding of these four elements in order to deliver the activities appropriately for learning to be as little as confusing as possible.