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By creating a good first impression in a class, you can gain students confidence and their desire to participate is greater. Getting to know the students by practicing their names creates a good connection and shows personal interest in their participation in the class. A relaxed and fun atmosphere inspires students to try things out, to be brave and not worry about getting it wrong. There is also time for more formal drilling of concepts which when done in a firm but slightly random way, allows the students to really focus on getting it right and improving grammar and pronunciation.A variety of classroom setup and management techniques will be helpful to know as the class demographic will change with each class you teach. It is good to be familiar with various ways. It was a helpful reminder to strive and reduce TTT and increase STT in my classroom. Creating a safe and efficient learning environment can have a huge impact on student progress. I feel the best thing to remember is student rapport. As teachers, we are teaching little human beings. We must treat them with respect if we want the same in return. We must model the way we would like them to act.