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This chapter gave an overview of the things involved in creating a lesson plan. It started by briefly discussing whether or not writing a plan is even required and presented the merits and demerits of either option. Then it went into the things that ought to be included in a lesson plan and gave some recommendations for other inclusions. This chapter was simple overall, but presented some valuable things for thought. I will use many of the recommendations in my future lesson plans to better organize my lessons and work at improving as a teacher.THESE VIDEOS WERE EXTREMELY HELPFUL. UPON WATCHING THE FIRST VIDEO, EVEN I FELT AWKWARD. IT SEEMED THE STUDENTS WERE UNCOMFORTABLE IN THE SITUATION, BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND A WORD HE WAS SAYING. THEY WEREN'T REALLY BEING TAUGHT ANYTHING, JUST BEING TALKED AT. THE SECOND LESSON WAS MUCH BETTER. IT ALLOWED THE STUDENTS A CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE, AND THE TEACHER WAS MUCH MORE FRIENDLY. THE STUDENTS WERE RELUCTANT TO PARTICIPATE. THE ATTITUDE OF THE TEACHER AND VOICE OF THE TEACHER MAKES A HUGE IMPACT ON STUDENTS AND THEIR PARTICIPATION.