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This Unit helped me to get clear with Class planning, as far as I'm willing to make teaching the same useful as entertaining! Now I can have a variety of Engage, Study and Activating activities, which are very helpfull even for teaching different age-groups of students. I feel, that all methologies listed in the beginning of the unit can be helpfull too, just in special cases, which I might come across, as long as groups and personal students I have, differ in interest, characters and behavior. This unit helped me in understanding, how deep and table English teaching methods are.This unit purpose was the explanation of when you want to incorporate a new language to the students, starting with the vocabulary. This unit starts with the explanation on how to teach a vocabulary to the students, the different measures and steps that must be taken. It also explains the importance of a vocabulary in a language. After the vocabulary comes the grammatical structures, where it presents the different techniques that can be taken to present and practice. And lastly, the teaching language functions in which is the way the teacher directs the lesson towards the class.