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Coursebook is important for a teacher especially to first timer teacher,it serves as a guide in delivering lesson but of course he/she will not rely on it.Create materials will help the teacher to make his/her lesson more interesting.The variety of teacher to make her/his class cannot be caught in a coursebook,for it is a personal.Its indeed very helpful to have a coursebook but of course using your skills,and personal touch to make the class and lesson effective is much more important.The unit involves phonology which is the physical properties of sounds. It deals with stress, rhythm, and intonation. Intonation pertains to the volume of pitch where the normal pattern is low to high. When you finish speaking the intonation falls. If you leave with a high pitch it begs a question. The course goes onto showing how to teach intonation and where to stress words or not to. It includes link speech where words are merged or left out. The lesson finishes with phonemic alphabet