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This unit covered how to manage a classroom which includes everything from disciplining students, when to talk, how to arrange a classroom, and how to properly use body language within a class. One of the biggest things that I took away from this unit was that a teacher should use a students name at the end of a question, so that the entire class stays alert. It was also interesting learning when a teacher should sit or stand during a lesson. This all goes to show that everything that goes on within a classroom, must have a purpose.Unit 3 explain how to interact with a student using different useful methods. For example the ESA lessons showed me how to engage a student before any work is actually started. The first main goal is to encourage and arouse the students interest by helping him think and speak in English. This unit also showed me what and how much information is given to the student. for example, at the study stage, the student should be focused on the construction of the language. On the third stage, the student is to use all the language they know.