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I have watched two videos with demonstration lessons. The topic, teacher and students were the same on both videos. Though, on the first one, the teacher deliberately tried to make a number of errors during the lesson. And here are some of them: 1) constant repetition of the instructions instead of providing the students with clear explanations; 2) lack of examples; 3) discouraging the students with the look of dissatisfaction and saying that the task is very, very easy; 4) talking while looking at the board; 5) not answering the student's question (can vs could); 6) not knowing the names of the students; 7) absence of gestures or miming; 8) no visual aids; 9) constant echoing of students' answers etc. The second class was much better, as the teacher had changed his attitude, he was smiling, tried to encourage the students, spoke clearly and slowly, provided examples.