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This unit is dedicated to the most neglected aspect of English language teaching - teaching pronunciation and phonology. It is explained how and when we should emphasize our speech with intonation and stress, accompanied with teaching techniques and ideas. The International Phonemic Alphabet is explored in detail with special attention paid to those sounds that are typically challenging to learners of English. The unit finishes with manner and place of articulation with given examples of mouth placements. It is a complicated subject indeed and I gained a lot from the given materials.In this unit I have learned of the different present tenses. There is the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect, and the present perfect continuous. The present simple is the simplest form of the verb representing the present. The present continuous is the form of the present verb that explains somebody currently doing an action whether it is immediately, continuously, etc. The present perfect is the form of the present tense where the sentence relates the past to the present. Finally, the present perfect continuous form relates past activities to the present.