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In this unit I learned what types of lessons are appropriate to be used when teaching students. Different types of lessons in English will require different methods of teaching. Grammar lessons, functions of English lessons, and vocabulary lessons all need to be approached in a slightly different way with the student. However, it is important that the lessons follow either a arrow, boomerang, or patchwork type lesson plan. This is to ensure that the students are staying engaged, learning the material completely, and have an opportunity to activate their knowledge during the class.This unit was very interesting and I enjoyed leaning specific techniques that can be applied in the classroom. It gave alot of information and useful background on old and new teaching methods. The ESA method was the focus of this unit. The Engage, Study and Activate framework gives the teacher a simple guide for lesson planning. You must first engage the students' attention through warmers for example, allow the students time to learn concepts through study, then allow them to have open exploration of the language and what they have learnt through activation techniques and games.