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The content of this unit centres on teaching productive skills in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language classroom. As in the previous course unit, this course unit considers the teaching theory - Engage, Study and Activate - but instead focuses on speaking and writing skills useful in any language. As considered in the previous unit about teaching receptive skills, the importance of, and reasons for, speaking and writing skills were discussed. Also, the most useful techniques and activities involved in learning/teaching speaking and writing skills were discussed.This unit briefly touched on the types of materials a teacher can use in the classroom and what type of teaching tool is preferred for different situation. I learned that it's OK to bring some created materials to the classroom and that doing so can help the students' motivation for the lesson. However, to rely solely on created work can strain a teacher's time and it will be difficult to know what parts of the language to teach next. The best approach, in my opinion, is to have a course book and replace the parts that may be boring to students with created materials.