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I found this section completely frustrating and rather unclear. The modal verbs were straight-forward, but combing through which was transitive, inseparable, or intransitive phrasal verbs made me want to pull my hair out. I wish there were more examples that circled back to the material, instead of having to look at other supplemental information to piece together a correct answer. What I gathered from this unit is that some of these concepts make zero sense--in closing, I hope I didn't completely bomb.This unit served a good and final review on classroom management skills that relate to certain situations. In particular, the unit discussed what a teacher should do in his/her first day of class, examples of warmers, how to deal with students of various English proficiency, how to handle large classes, how to deal with reluctant students, and problems and solutions in listening texts. All in all, it provides a very guideline on what the teacher can do to address common problems found in the classroom.