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This unit covered the future tenses. I learnt the form, usage, common mistakes and activate stage ideas for each of the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous tenses. In addition to these were 'going to' future tense and the present simple and present continuous tenses both of which also have future applications. This lesson was challenging as it was not easy to distinguish between the usages of each of the future tense.As I studied this unit on planning lessons, I started planning my own lessons, and how I would change my lesson plans I've done in the past. I never used the ESA method, and I am really sold on it now. The flexibility of it is the most appealing part to me. The Engage part I've done before by trying to get the students comfortable, and talkative, before we settle down to substance. Another aspect I like is less teacher talk time, and more student talk time.