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Productive skills are harder than receptive skills to learn, but are just as important. Productive skills are the general way we communicate, either through talking with a person or a small or group, or through writing, such as a letter, SNS, or email. The important things about productive skills is that we help students increase their accuracy (which is the correct way of using the language) and their fluency (helping students creatively use the language). It's important to give students alot of time and leeway when studying productive skills.I honestly thought that this portion would be quite a breeze, and it was not so. I found it very helpful to learn the benefits of particular types of seating arrangements, and how to maintain the authority of the classroom both at a standing and seated position. Very helpful, as well, were the reasons listed for potential troublesome behavior from the students. I think that this has better equipped me to take on the role of teacher, and I will be sure to rely on this when facing the task of building rapport and maintaining order in my class.