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The unit helps to form and to use structured explanations for past tenses (theory + the examples). As for me, the useful information is the clear information about theory which can be given to students and which will helps them to avoid some common mistakes/errors (the formation of negative forms, past continuous, the correct usage of verb forms, etc. ). As usual the activate stage teaching activities such as Detective game, CV, Interview role play, discussions of past holidays/major events, etc. are also profitable and should be surely used.The reviews of grammar on this course have proven very invaluable for me. All of the material and exercises had me second guessing myself. I am not sure why the video did not cover phrasal verbs as I think this would have helped me understand how to teach the concept better and indeed review it more thoughtfully. I found myself searching the net to give me a better explanation than just the printed materials gave me. Modal auxiliary and Passive voice explanations in the printed material were clear and the teaching ideas once again useful.