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This unit is very important because is part of the base to learn the proper English. I compare the process of learning a language as the same of building a house; You need first to create a good and strong base in order to continue edifying. I consider very useful besides the summary of the tense forms and their usages, the common student mistakes/errors and the sample activate teaching ideas because it helps you to plan your future lessons and know where to dedicate more time in order to avoid futures mistakes from my students.Building a solid relationship in which students feel most equipped to learn in a safe and comfortable, yet organised environment is a key point in being an effective teacher. The unit focuses on how best to manage a class, and i learnt the do's and don't's of managing a class. often times, managing the class depends on the individual class, and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach is most often not an effective one, rather the teacher should know his or her classes well enough to know what approach is gong to be most effective.