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Creating a lesson plan is the corner stone of being able to teach a class. The lesson plan structure needs to be open to change and flexibility. A lesson plan will need to be flexible because if it is too rigid students have the possibility to be left behind or too far behind. Lesson plans also allow the teacher to not have to worry about how to run a classroom. If a teacher has a plan they are able to teach effortlessly. A lesson plan creates ease for the teacher and an amazing outline for the students to be able to follow.As a native English speaker it is seldom apparent why we say things the way we do and we likely never even think of how we change tenses from direct speech to reported speech. Understanding these grammatical mysteries will be the only way a teacher can ever hope to impart the knowledge to comprehend them to the non-native English speaker. Conditional statements are also interestingly formulaic and they lend themselves to creative games/activities in the classroom that will help students grasp their inherently complex nature.