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This unit complets with the last unit the subject about teaching skills. On this unit accuracy and fluency carry equal importance but it is king of tricky to make the difference because I thought that was king of the same but it wasn't. For exemple accuracy focus on concentrating and producing a correct language instead of fluency which is focus on the creative part of the language. The writing part is most neglected skill but very important for making the connection through the speaking skill. So it is important to do games in the classroom for stimulating students.This unit covers evaluation and testing. There are several different types of tests each with a different purpose. A placement test, for example, may be used to determine the appropriate class level for a student. Many programs place a heavy weight on external examinations also commonly known as standardized tests. Standardized tests can be beneficial in comparing of classes, schools or countries because all of the students are taking the same test. Critics feel that standardized tests are not effective because they simply test a students ability to take a test.