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This unit discusses the pros and cons of using course books, as well as other materials, authentic or created to assist with a more interesting hands on lesson. The benefits of using course books is they tend to stick well to the syllabus and give structure to a longer teaching module. They may, however, be rather unimaginative and not always current in information or texts that would appeal to modern users/ students. A good teacher will work with a coursework book, as well as employing his/ her own teaching ability to create materials tailor-made for his/ her class.From Unit 4 I have learn't what is required to teach grammar, vocabulary and functions when planning an ESA lesson. This Unit has given me a better understanding in how to plan an ESA lesson. I have learn't that grammar is the basis of teaching a new language, but vocabulary is very important at the early stages of learning. I have also noted that there are four things a student needs to do when they are learning a new language: they need to be exposed to it, understand the meaning, understand its construction and have enough opportunities to practice and produce it.