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After watching the two videos, I did the comparison and contrast on my own. The following aspects are quite crucial when giving a lesson to ESL students, the teacher?s attitude, voice, instructions and explanations. The participation of students are mostly depended on the teachers, without a clear guide or explanation, there wouldn?t be any effective class. I have also learnt how to avoid vague explanations, how to give examples to students, and how to have a good rapport with students after watching the two videos.This unit was about the use of course books. There are many benefits of course books. They provide tried and tested material, generally weave together different elements of language, and provide the beginning teacher with ideas so they can be confident in the classroom. Drawbacks include a lack of tailoring for the nationality, needs, and interests of the specific group of students being taught. For this reason and others, it is best to incorporate outside activities into the curriculum when teaching from a course book.