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The unit taught me how a teacher can assess a students language level, why a teacher needs to evaluate, and the different types of testing and evaluating a teacher can use. There was also a brief overview of general external examinations, and why these tests are usually taken. I learned which tests I can do and why, and at what time of the course. I am likely to start working at a language centre, where the parents/the centre want to see the progress of the students. I can do a progress test with my students at different time frames, to show the students' progress.In unit 19 different groups of students, they?re motivations, and their work/study environments are explored. A 1st grade elementary school class, will require totally different lesson plans, activities, and materials to a group of business men/women looking to increase the international reach of their company. Lots of fundamental advice, together with methods and techniques are given about dealing with learners with different ages, educational levels, and motivations. We are also given insights into the balances of individual one-to-one classes vs. group lessons.