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This unit helped me revise the different types of conditionals and the tense changes when switching from direct to reported speech. There are 4 types of conditionals which are used depending on whether the sentence is hypothetical or a real fact. One can also use a mixed conditional form by combining second and third conditional. When using reported speech, it is important not only to change the tense, but also to change the reference to the points in time when the event happened (i.e. \"tomorrow\" to \"the day after\", \"yesterday\" to \"the day before\", etc.).This lesson goes over the basic advantages and disadvantages of authentic materials, created materials, and course books. It encourages a good mixture of each so every aspect of the language can be used from day-to-day conversation that is used frequently like things in magazines, newspapers, and brochures while also pointing out the importance in teacher created supplements such as crosswords, gap fill exercises, and flip cards. It also dived into the important attention one should pay in ordering an appropriate textbook for the class to match their skill level.