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This unit organized the most important information about past tenses. It explained how each of the four past tenses are structured, paying special attention to irregular verbs. It also talked about the usage of each past tense. It stated clearly how Past Simple is used to express completed actions in the past, Past Continuous to indicate a certain action that was in progress at a certain time in the past, Past Perfect to talk about two past actions that are related, and Past Perfect Continuous to describe an action that was continuing in the past up until another action in the past.This unit covers different visual aids and physical materials used in the classroom to enhance and support the lesson. This includes whiteboards, projectors, computers, visual aids, as well as CD's, DVD's, and cassettes. This unit was helpful because it illustrates the best use for each of these different kinds of equipment and teaching aids. For example, DVD's are great for keeping student's attention and increasing their enthusiasm in the lesson, but they should only be used if they directly enhance the lesson. They shouldn't be used just to pass the time or distract the students.