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In this unit I learned about the various forms of evaluations and testing available to teachers. The purpose of placement/diagnostic tests is to gauge a student's proficiency in English; from here teachers can determine which level or course is suitable. Aside from practice tests prior to official exams offered by Cambridge, there are also IELTS or TOEIC which deal with english proficiency for study and the work place respectively. Also noteworthy is the use of peer evaluations which allow students to provide feedback on course progress, structure, and areas that need improvement.If is used to make conditional sentences and can be divided into zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. Most of the time students are aware fo the usage but they need more practice. Teaching ideas such as splitting sentences, chain conditionals (i use a lot), gap filling, nuclear bunker role play, asking questions can be used widely to learn more and practise. Reported and direct speech are used widely. In their usage changes of tenses, time words, pronoun changes, questions forms (why what where without any changes), questions with auxiliary verbs require attention.