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This unit basically covers the classroom management in detail. It was very useful for me as it gives clear and useful instructions of what, when and how to do it. Me being more introvert than extrovert, have had some difficulties in managing the classes in the past. Now I can surely say that I am much better prepared for this task than ever before. I particularly liked the section about maintaining discipline and how to effectively reduce the teacher talk in order to give more talking time to students.I like how when introducing vocabulary, not to get up with teaching the origin of each word. By going into explaining (or really, over explaining) the history of why a word is named the way it is, would just be overwhelming and confusing to a new student of the language. For instance, trying to explain why a waffle cone was named after an invention at the 1904 World?s Fair because they ran out of bowls instead of just saying ?another way to hold ice cream?, just makes it easier for new learners.