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It is vital to use a mix of different techniques in ever class to keep students focused, engaged, and inspired. It is also vitally important to make students feel comfortable and free to speak in class, rather than being harsh and immediate with corrections. Correcting students should not be done in all parts of a lesson, but only when appropriate and necessary. It is most important that the students are participating and trying in class. Varied exercises and engaging games can be extremely useful in language classes for learning and for creating a welcoming and fun environment.This unit used videos to compare and contrast a good lesson with a bad lesson. It focused on the teacher's attitude and how it effected the students level of participation. In the first lesson, the teacher seemed like he didn't care and was very condescending. This led the students to feel intimidated and not want to participate in the lesson, making it very boring. In the second video, the teacher was very positive, engaging, and smiled a lot, making the students more willing to participate in the lesson. Overall, this unit demonstrated the do's and don'ts of teaching a lesson.