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The topic for unit 6 is past tense. we looked ate the past simple form which makes use of the addition of \"ed\" or \"d'to the base form of the verb. The past continuous form requires the addition of was/were plus the past participle verb which should end with (ing) the past perfect form which requires an addition of had or had not and finally the past continuous which requires an addition of had been or had not been plus the verb ending with the(ing) to construct a proper sentence.I learned the importance of word pronunciations in teaching English as well as in life, talking to your friends or at work. I realize how lazy we are as English speakers sometimes and how we tend to combine letter and words and don't phonetically pronounce words in the proper way. I want to focus on this now when I speak and practice with sounds. I learned the difference between stress, rhythm, and intonation. I also learned some core values of how to teach phonology to your class.