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This unit covers receptive skills - reading and listening. Both are equally important and beneficial for the student; reading allows the student to review the vocabulary repeatedly until they understand, and listening requires a strong focus to understand the words first time, but this is more realistic day to day. Choosing subjects that interest the students will assist with engagement and motivation. As all students will have different interests, choosing a wide variety of subjects over time will help keep the class interested.Teaching aids: white/black board.interactive whiteboard(IWB).Overhead projector(OHP).Visual aids.Worksheets and work cards.Cassette recorder.CD Player.Videos and DVDs.Video camera. Dictionaries.Course books.Resource books.Photocopier.Computers.Online resources. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting,effective and less dependent on the textbook.different schools,of course,hev different resources available to teachers.Following are some of the resources often found in classrooms and study centers: