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This was probably the hardest lesson for me to learn. I am able to see some of the challenges that my students could have. I am still struggling with the Phrasal Verbs. I will need to continue to do my research.The other parts of the lesson were not that challenging, but it will require some memory on uses. I am unsure of my ability to teach it still. I am also unsure of where this comes into the different lessons. How experienced will the students need to be to be able to study this section. Passive voice will pose some challenges, but will be interesting to teach.In this lesson I was introduced to the many different variants of phrasal verbs in their transitive and intransitive classifications. The complexity of the English language, of which I am a native speaker, has always been taken for granted by me. Its power in articulating the most delicate differences in suggestion, obligation, ability, plausibility, was unrealized. I am now beginning to understand how terrifying it must be to 'level up' as a ESL learner. These rules are best taught, first, with a foundational understanding of the nuanced differences between them.