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In this unit, I have learned about teaching students to speak and write. I have learned that accuracy is about being correct and that fluency is about the flow of communication. There are activities that are made for accuracy such as drills and prompts and there are also activities made for fluency such as role-play and discussions. I also learn that the teacher can encourage their students to speak by guiding them during practice before doing fluency activities. Furthermore, the teacher can generate a student's interest by relating their interests to the topic.Teaching multilingual students a single language is easier than teaching one solid group of people for example if all your students speak Chinese as their first language and they are all trying to learn English then they will all resort to speaking in Chinese because its the easy common language for them. though if you are teaching multilingual then the language in common is the language they are learning therefor they have to resort to speaking English to understand each other. Motivating the students to learn faster so they can talk to each other more effectively.