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This chapter is definately harder than i thought. I understand the general concepts of all the conditions and reported speech. However, it did take me a little longer to differtiate the details of each phrases. Let's hope i do well on this unit test. Overall, i really enjoy all the chapters because we are all humans, sometimes we forget things even though we know and grasp hold of each concept. When you don't put it to use, you sometimes forget, and so it is extremely important to be prepared for each and every class you will teach in future.Unit 3 covered methodologies, theories, and techniques along with the importance of student feedback and the proper way to correct students. For example, I learned the differences between teaching methods such as grammar-translation (classic conditioning)and audio-lingualism (drills/repetition.) In my opinion, Harmer's EPA technique is by far the best method because it contains all the essential components to make learning easier and more fun. In addition, I learned the proper way for correcting students and the sequence in which to do so.