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In this lesson, I learned different ways to deal with the quiet students I will inevitably encounter in my teaching career. Some ways include allowing them to do speaking exercises at home and recording it, doing pair work so that they do not feel as if they were being put on the spot, role-plays as students may feel better pretending to be someone else than being themselves when under pressure, etc. I also learned about warmer activities which I hadn't thought of before. I can do simple short games to get everyone in a good mood on a cloudy day and ready to learn.In this unit I have learnt methods for teaching productive skills i.e. speaking and writing and the differences between teaching the two. The difference in teaching the two requires hugely different techniques but again they all fit into the ESA structure. I learnt things that should have been apparent to me for example students will find writing in the English formed alphabet difficult and it is a different system to their native language. I learnt that fluency and accuracy are of equal importance and should be treated as such during the study and activate stages.