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Unit 11 discusses the topic of Receptive Skills. There are 4 fundamental skills for any language: 1) Receptive Skills 2) Productive Skills 3) Speaking Skills 4) Writing Skills Incorporating all 4 areas of skills into English lesson planning is crucial for optimal teaching result. This chapter focuses on Receptive Skills, which is made up of 2 subcomponents: Reading and Listening. Incorporating useful and interesting approaches for Reading and Listening will help facilitate good English language learning and skill building.The topic for Unit 12, Teaching Productive Skills (speaking and writing), followed up on the receptive skills in the previous chapter. It is important to integrate all four skills and to plan lessons that incorporate all four. It is also important to balance the exercises to work on accuracy in the Study phase and fluency in the activate stage. The Unit also covered the role that games can play in a lively, engaged classroom. I think an element of fun is always good for motivation ? for both the teacher and the students.