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According to this unit it was focusing on the two productive skills which are writing and speaking. Writing skills deals with the handwriting, spelling, punctuation and creative writing. On the other hand, speaking skills deal with speaking activities in the classroom which are controlled, guided activities and creative communication. I noticed that both writing and speaking skills are very important as we go about in communicating with different persons in life. They both play an important part in teaching and learning as well.There are five forms of conditionals in English, and the if and main clause make up the conditional sentences. In the zero conditional, acts are irrefutable. In the first conditional, the future is possible in a real situation. In the second conditional, there is a more hypothetical situation. In the third, there is a hypothetical past situation and hypothetical result. In the mixed conditional, there is a past hypothetical state mixed with a present consequence. Reported and direct speech are likely to change tenses in English.