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This unit has taught me the importance of evaluating the students using tests,tutorials or even the evaluation given by the students themselves.I find them important because using tests like \"Placement tests\",makes you immediately see the capacities and the different levels of preparation of your students...or the \"Progress test\" that can be filled in during the school year or during a course to see the improvements of the class.It also gives you the opportunity of giving the right evaluation following the teacher's experience and the student's capacity.This unit confused me when it came to the clauses and passive voice, it made sense when I read it, but I had or have difficulty trying to explain it and break it down. I used the sites that were giving in unit 17 to help find some exercises to future my knowledge in that grammar department. I really never paid attention to the use of words when it came to asking for something in a formal or informal manner, specially when it comes to being dismissed, the modal auxiliary verb table helped me in identifying different use of words in a more appropriate manner.