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I hesitate to play games in the classroom because I feel like someone walking by might think I'm not being a good teacher. I also worry that the Principal will give me a bad evaluation if my student's are viewed as \"playing\" but in my mind, there's a million things that a student can learn by playing an educational/learning game that I can't teach just by a lecture or power point. I'm now seeing how vital and necessary it is in their language development. I'm learning that I'm a good teacher and should trust myself more to do what I know is the correct way that people learn.In this unit, I discover how a teacher?s physical presence and voice play a major role in classroom management. Physical presence includes the teacher?s overall appearance or presentation, gestures, contact with students, and eye contact. Discovered also that there are many seating arrangements who can help and the teacher should carefully choose his position in the classroom and during the lesson. It's also really important to establish a good rapport with students, there are many things a teacher can do to help build rapport in class and prevent disciplinary problems.