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Consistent assessment is essential for any teacher and student. Without it, a teacher has no means of formulating appropriately rigorous lessons for his or her students. The difference between placement and diagnostic tests was originally a bit confusing, but after some re-reading the difference became more clear. Although both are typically given at the start of a class, I see little reason why ongoing formative assessment (progress tests) cannot also help diagnose/gauge student placement, as groupings tend to be very fluid in a classroom.This unit covers the types of teaching groups that the teachers may encounter in the future and the different approaches and techniques that the teachers could assume. This unit also compares the different needs and activities that a teacher need to be aware of when teaching beginners, individual students, children, business people, the monolingual and the multilingual class. Within this unit, I have learnt that when teaching different types of classes, I needed to know their needs, approach them differently, and use different techniques.