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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech. It was a fairly complex chapter indicating the many places in which English learners will have problems trying to grasp these concepts. The sheer amount of changes that occur with the language when reporting things at different times becomes very confusing, and it seems like it would be difficult to demonstrate these rules to students without concrete understanding of exactly what is going on with the structure of the sentences. The time diagram that the unit provides is useful in aiding in this explanation.In this unit the lesson planing was examined. There are many different opinions about to plan or not to plan the lesson. Some teachers prefer to let students to decide how the lesson will go, but this requires good ability of conducting a lesson like, which can be a little difficult for inexperienced teachers. So writing at least some notes can help. There is no special way to write a lesson plan, but it has number of important functions such as an aid to planning, a working document and record ? all of these can help teacher to conduct a productive lesson.