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This unit studies an important grammatical sections:Modals , The passive voice and the phrasal verbs. It presents the English modals such as Must , May,Might , Should , Could, Can etc..as their meaningsand usages within the sentence. Concerning the Passive voice, the unit 18 shows the appropriate ways of using the passive voice in different situations as it states the main reasons for it usage. The third part of the phrasal verbs, shows their different type, Transitive and intransitive.This unit was concerned with active skills, being speaking and writing. It stated that often writing was both important and overlooked. Although I think this is understandable (explaining spelling simply is dreadful), I agreed also that overlooking it is a mistake because writing is an important skill. The unit also gave examples of ESA lesson plans that can be used for practicing this skill. In general I felt I learned some in this unit and I would like to practice my acquired knowledge.