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The unit built from day to day assessments to the final examination giving information about progress achieved in between. It gave details on the role of each assessment instrument and how it contributes towards the improvement of the student. There is a thin line between a diagnostic and a placement test though diagnostic tests can be conducted by any teacher who takes over a class at any given point to determine where he/she should pitch the lessons. The various testing mechanisms in each test are meant to assess reading, writing , listening and speaking.In this unit we were taught the basic parts of speech and some of the basic rules of grammar. It helped show in part how some parts of English are not as complex as expected while others can be tricky to pin down for foreign students as there are many exceptions to some grammar rules. For me personally it helped refresh my own theoretical knowledge of grammar, as while I consider English my first language, it was taught to me as second language during my schooling and as such I have certain bad habits and incorrect terms I needed to \"unlearn,\" so to speak.