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we have learn that the willing of the teacher is the main key for the class to go toward in any direction. we always need to have the material ready and the blackboard clean for the students, after we need to engage the student with an example, not so hard to understand so we can star giving confident to the student, also is he find that there is a theme that the class is likely to cooperate we mind think to give a bit of more time because this is a way that the student can learn and not see the lesson not attractive.This Unit went over Modals, Phrasal Verbs, and Passive Voice. The Modals include words like can, could, should, and must. The Modals are designed to address formal greetings as well as phrases that help an English speaker communicate any situation they are in. The Unit also went over different forms of passive voice. The passive voice is designed to communicate actions that are down when the subject of the action may not always be relevant. The Unit also reviewed Phrasal Verbs that usually contain multiple participles.