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In this unit of study, the future verb tenses are explained. Thankfully, by learning the auxiliary verbs, it was easier to differentiate the tenses. 'Will' for future simple; 'Will be' for future continuous; 'Will have' for future perfect; and 'Will have been' for future perfect continuous. I noticed the written lesson did not tell us that 'May or Might' can also be used instead of 'Will or Shall'. That information was covered in the video though.The first unit was a course introduction of the teaching business English. The main idea is that a teacher should not be a professional in every business sphere. The must is to teach English, not a profession. Of course a teacher need to know a vacabulary, but it can be found in the text book glossary. The unit also describes the content and the general terminology, and how you can teach (one by one;in a language center; at a company or 'in house'.